Michael Guy Bowman

Mister Bowman Tells You About The Squiddles

From Squiddles! (2010)

Let me tell you of the Squiddles

Who live below the sea

They love to sing and dance and play

Just like you and me

They're squishy little creatures

With tentacles of joy

And adorable eyes that bring delight

To every girl and boy

Not much is known about the Squiddles

At least on our behalf

And many wonder why it is

They always seem to laugh

Do they know some kind of secret?

Well, maybe, just in part

But any child knows the real answer

Deep within their heart

They laugh because they love

They sing because they're free

They splash because they're safe and sound

Below the deep blue sea

They leap because they like you

They swim because they're swell

They smile because they have so many

Stories they'd like to tell

The Squiddles live in a magical land

Below the waves in castles of sand

If you listen close you can hear them

Make their plans

What kind of plans?

Happy Squiddle plans!

They kiss because they can't help it

They wiggle because why not?

They prance because they're oh so proud

Of all the friends they've got

They jump because they're joyful

They giggle because they're glad

They squeal because in Squiddle Land

No one's ever sad!